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Funktioniert nicht richtig

Kein Ton

This is terrible.

It gives you a "free trial" that seems to literally be 10 minutes. I got to try to hear one preset. With the headphones on when I sang mostly I heard my own voice in my head with a tiny little bit of the sounds it was making. I was doing the choir. And it was just really tinny and bad. Im giving it one star because you cant give zero.

The bomb

This app is too cool. It can be used for so many things like YouTube videos, covers, prank calls you name it. It gives you a 10 minute trial then asks you pay $4.99 but honestly, $5 is well worth it. Definetly going to but the full version!!

This Bi*ch empty


This app is stupid its free downloading but u have to pay ridiculous prices to use it. Please dont waste your storage on this sorry poor money grabbing excuse of an app!

Fun thing for Voice Trolling on Xbox

I really like this app but it cost too much Q-Neo it makes me and my friends have a laugh,especially the High Pitch Voice or Gold Robot it sounds like Octumus Prime or whatever from Transformers please we ask you to put the price to 2.50 or 2.99 cause 5 dollars is a little over price for a awesome game can you please put a free Astronaut Voice too?

Dont bother

Was sounding pretty cool for the 2 free minutes you get... Then it completely cancels your access until you pay... I dont support money hungry idiots who wont even let you reasonably test their products... Maybe if the trial period was longer than 2 lousy minutes I may have been interested but they didnt even give me time to go through all the trial features so only God knows what youd be wasting your money on if u actually fed into this idiots money hungry wallet!!!


Cant do anything! horrible! Have to pay to do anything!


Fun for 5 minutes then you have no choice but to pay



Dont waste your time.

A very limited demo.


Cant restore my purchase :/

Free version is useless

Absolutely no possibilities for free

NOT FREE!!! NO FUNCTION!! Basically description pics. THATS IT!!! WORTHLESS!!!

I absolutely hate apps like these!!! They are pointless, one assumes they will let you try some of its features before you purchase but not these guys.. They give you the apps layout UI. THAT IS IT!!! NO FUNCTIONS NO TEST NO NOTHING. BASICALLY AS GOOD AS VIEWING THE DESCRIPTIONS PICTURE

Spam and marketing ads

As every poster has indicated this app has nothing but ads and (failed) marketing attempts to plainly just get your money. Demos are horribly setup, time limit for the demos is very limited and it uses too much CPU to be taken seriously. This app needs a complete overhaul and the developer needs to focus on usefulness instead of focusing on getting your money. No one will spend $10 or more on a product that they cant test even for a limited time. If the developer was serious, they would offer this app with full functionality for a demo period. As it is now, just spam and lots of graphics to make it look nice, other than that its a waste of your memory space.


Dont waist your time. Trust me. Unless you want to give them $5. Than buy the dumb app


okay so first of all they just want your money because they keep trying to persuade u to buy buy buy, next there is a stupid time to, after your time is up there permanently not letting u use the app

Horrible Demo!

By the time I got my headphones from across the house to plug in, demo went to Buy pop up only! Fix the demo and you might sell more! Not buying!!!


Idgaf about any s***

Bad app

Dont waste ur time the demo finishes and u cant even use the app after that, so go ahead and waste ur money if u want but its not worth it

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